Wee Deliver

The Wee Deliver Post Office will be open starting January 16th, 2018.

Our office has conducted 2nd grade job interviews, created a work schedule, and published the 2018 Mohansic Directory. Click here ==> Welcome to Wee Deliver – Directory

All 2nd grade students will have the opportunity to help collect, cancel, check, sort or deliver mail.

If you would like to volunteer, we always need assistance.  You can sign up for a day by clicking HERE.

All volunteer shifts are from 9:05am – 9:35 am M/W/F unless otherwise noted

We hope that you will encourage your children to send letters to their classmates, friends and staff members.  Don’t forget, that you can write letters to your children too. They love getting notes from family members.

You can print the Wee Deliver letter templates here, or use any kind of paper or envelopes, as long as you follow the correct address format.  Letters are deposited in the mailbox located in Mohansic’s main entryway. Please note that letters can take a few weeks to be delivered.

Happy Birthday Template

Have A Great Summer Template

Out Of This World Template

Teachers Help Us Grow Template

Thank You Teacher Template

Penguin Paper

AprilvShower Paper

Elephant and Piggie Winter Template

Minecraft Winter Template

Minions Winter Template

Happy Birthday Template

Happy Valentines Day Template

Let it Snow Template

March – Lion – Lamb template

We hope this is an educational and enjoyable experience for all.  If you have any questions please contact Chairperson Daniella Sammon , Amy Perl, or  PTA President Dana Alongi.

How to address a letter:

  1. Always use a stamp (you can draw one or use a sticker – be creative)
  2. Use the street address in the Directory. (Do not use Class Code)
  3. The School’s city, state and zip code are Mohansic, NY 10598
  4. Be sure to include your return address