Important Safety Information / Thank Yous!

Just a reminder of the treats that should be brought in for birthdays: water with fruit/vegetables, mini muffins or mini cupcakes. Please refer to the District  Wellness Policy for other options.

Also, when driving your child to school, please park in the parking lot and walk your child to the main lobby (before 8:45) or to the front of the school (once buses have started to unload). Let’s all make sure that the safety and health of our children remains paramount!

Thank you to all Yorktown teachers and staff members who took time out of their weekend to play against the Harlem Wizards! A special thank you to Lisa Tomeny for all of her hard work to make the games a reality! Thank you to all of the volunteers who made the day run smoothly! Finally, a thank you to all who attended the game in support of the PTAs!