The PTA thanks everyone who helped coordinate Mohansic’s First “Trunk”-or-Treat!! Thank you to the families that donated treats and/or provided their “Trunks,” the Ralls family (Summer Trails camp), and Rita’s Ice (two words – ICE GUY!)

A special thank you to our principal Susan Berry – her willingness to find a workable compromise created the opportunity for such a wonderful and safe event – smiles were everywhere!

Another special thank you to the faculty and staff of Mohansic – their support of the idea and the event is greatly appreciated! We were so glad that many staff members were able to attend (some with their children!) – (we know many more would have liked to be there but were unable).  It is wonderful to see the close knit family of Mohansic come together to celebrate!

Thank you again!


  • Bonnie Silver

    What a great event for the Mohansic families! So happy that it was such a success!

    • PTA Team

      Thank you! It was great to see you and your children there!

    • Ron Fedele

      Thank you so very much for being there!

  • Adam R Case

    What a great event. Safe, fun and creative. Nice job organizers and all who participated, especially the teachers who selflessly attended!

    • Ron Fedele

      So glad you enjoyed the day!

  • Ellen Weiner

    It was a wonderful event! My own little guy had so much fun there. Thank you for creating this wonderful opportunity to come together as a community, in a safe and enjoyable way! 🙂

    • Ron Fedele

      Thank you so very much for being there!